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  1. What a great Man. He was a Baird. Very important to society. History can be stolen from us, if there are no Ior Bock's.

  2. Videor över falska, jag hittade en ny webbplats för att titta på filmer., Detta är webbplatsen ⇒ https://tinyurl.com/y9tnl2kr
    Tänk dig att jag kan titta på en massa gratis filmer. Det gör mig verkligen glad. Du måste känna det också min vän. Glöm inte att dela den här sidan med någon annans vän !!

  3. …Hello Wonderful People!!! …What an Amazing Production!!! …I ve Been Watching It 3 Times to Be Sure not to Loose Any Words or Expression from Those Awesome Humans… Talking About the Interviewed… Those are the Coolest Guys I have Ever Seen… Their Honesty, Their Pure Hearted Description of the Event… I Want to Be Your Friend Guys!!! Those are Real Friends!!! It is Unreal How You Could Describe Such an Epic Personality so Honestly, in It s Pure Shamanic Aspect but Also in His, let s Call it Defect Side… I Hope That Life Will Forever Help and Protect Each One of You and All of Your Loved Ones… Love & Respect… Ah by the Way, Now is My Turn to Spread this Knowledge Further than I Can… In Few Weeks I Will Publish, with Great Honor, a Documentary about Lemminkäinen Temple and… I Will Need Your Help Beautiful People!!! LIFE KREATIONZ

  4. Sad how ppl thought of Ior as the one responsible for their personal lifes. This is only my interpretation, but it seems they've taken in the Saga, and it didn't resonate with their surrounding and their social field. That's why they probably got cut off, looked for an explanation, and blamed everything on Ior. This is what always happens when "pi-pole" are confronted with the truth: they can't digest it and would rather fit in into the masses then going their own way or face the uncomfortable truth.
    The Saga will live on, at least with me and in our hearts. The Saga is the closest story to the reality than anything else. We don't have much else anyway…
    Thank you for the documentary! The Saga is one of the few Gems in our "modern" world.

  5. Good movie and nicely made. But some small contradiction. Javanainen and Petri said that who know what is it true or not, but everyone can remember from beginning, how saga should be True and Honest. Anotherthing is when Keimo said that Ior was easy man and never demand anything, then Tom and Tuomisalo said that if you would be here, he probably demands this and that. Small details, but have meaning also, don´t take it so seriously. If movie have conflicts, people thing easily same about Saga.

    Fine to have movie about Ior, not just saga, It was a privilege and honor to know him so well, extraordinary person, great guide and unbelievable "Programmakare" As we know to be his official profession.
    Bom !

  6. Thanks so much for our dear Finnish friends for making this production possible.Alex,this is the best one you have made.Eric,many thanks to you for stoking up the fire as it was almost out.No matter what anyone says it is the best story I ever heard.It is a life changer for sure. jim

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