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More free russian movies with english subtitle: Andrey has always dreamt of becoming a pop star, so when…


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  1. This is the third russian movies that I've watched…why it's been kept in the closure all,this while…let the entire world knows it…loves it so much.

  2. Really amusing …I loved it , thank you so much for the English subtitles. 

    PS. I think the make-up department overdid Alex's tan a bit too much = It was also too orangey coloured  !!!!!

  3. yeah, I agree! this is one of the best romantic comedy movies in RUssia…I also believed Russian movies are of good quality even in Soldiers action movies..and more, they are so handsome and pretty! thank you so much!

  4. I thought American movies were bad, turns out Russian are just the same… maybe worse. I mean, it's a CINDERELLA story, which is normally addressed to young audiences, yet some of the content in this movie is inappropriate. Thumbs down.

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