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Diamond Hunters Full Movie by Film&clips Subscribe Film&Clips ** Iscriviti a Film&Clips Usa 2001 Actors: Alyssa Milano, Sean Patrick Flannery, Michael Easton …


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  1. Where's episode 1? This was a TV mini series with a running time of 2h 50min… I had a feeling we'd jumped into the middle of it.

  2. Who could have guessed , she runs and jumps into her jeep in her undies, he chases after her, gets knocked down, goes back into the house,,, gets dressed, goes back to his car, and catches up with her in 5 miles. She is either the slowest driver in the world,, or he is riding in a rocket ship.. Movie would be pretty good if you cut out the sex shit, it doesnt add anything, but time to get another beer.

  3. Goodness old eras their face is unattainable all are good looking allysa milano no doubt goddess of beauty❤❤❤❤

  4. Nice story but the odd thing is, in the beginning, Tracy tells Jonny he is his brother and later they plan to get married…..thats BS

  5. Bull shit ! His damn self was right out there 2pts off the Stbd of that damn rock probably somewhere around 15-20ftm, right straight down underneath his blind ass, intertwined with the coral reef and river silt and they ain’t deep cause diamonds don’t weigh shit. Not like gold so you gotta reset your thinking, tell-tales for instance actual changes in relief caused by an accumulation. Any obvious changes in the relief. That’s the way to hunt know the soils and their desires and needs, known their relations, and non-relations, also you must know the effect of your attention paid. You must also realize because you think, walk on, near around, just remember what the old man told Humphrey Bogart, in the movie “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”. Think off it this way, we are made of Earth, what we feel the Earth can feel. What we see, hear, all senses we consider ourselves intelligent, therefore the Earth is intelligent. If someone out there asked fore a good look at themselves, well here it is. What you see that we have done to our reservoir, our base, the essence of us, you, me, everydamnbody. We have damaged more than half, 50%. (Wooo that’s a good scary tactic, only the last half of the previous sentence is spoken of.). You gotta pay your respect to the Earth if you wanna get something out of the Earth. Like the old man, patch up what you tear up. Picture the area in your mind, keep it there and return the area to the picture in your head after you work hard to get real rich, REAL RICH yeehii!!
    Like I said bull shit movie.

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