Gulaab Gang

Somewhere in the Hindi heartland, an ashram of sorts has been set up by Rajjo (Madhuri Dixit) where women armed with axes and sickle and dressed in pink nine yards, mete out the evil and seek…


32 odpowiedzi do “Gulaab Gang”

  1. This movie is awesome. I am in love with it. I saw juhi chawla in a positive role but when i watch this movie and realize that she in the negative i was really shocked.madhuri dixit and juhi chawla's acting in this movie was really awesome,great and super duper and I also love the fighting scenes. Love from Malaysia.

  2. कोमेंट्स पढ़के मेने ये मूवी देखी. साली बिलकुल घटिया और वाहियत मूवी है. टोटल टाइम वेस्ट है. चूतिया बनने वाला साल

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