23 odpowiedzi do “Imaginaerum (2012) full movie – Drama, Fantasy, Musical”

  1. As we always say we can make yourself slave of our memories or make the best of it and each of us have that. Fight whit our demons. Wonderful movie is just like me

  2. I like it a bit sad but I figured it out rather quickly. Mostly because I've been there. When I could not handle the pain any more an the doctors would not help. I did what they could not. The human mine can do extraordinary thing if it needs to. The pain was to much for me so I gave up all that I was everything that made me me. All that I had learned. Over 256,000 books that I new from memory. Pictures that I could sketch from memory. I gave it to the pain I woke up empty an had to relearn to do every thing alone because my grandmother was illiterate. An grandfather had passed away. I felt his lose but when she passed away I was left alone to fend for myself. I was dead I felt nothing I had not awakened completely yet. Then brother moved in an passed away 3 yrs later. then again I was left to fend for myself. I helped them but they abandoned me. I moved in with mother for over 11 yrs now. I want my freedom now, but I will wait an help until I'm alone again. I will never be controlled again. I've been waking very slowly. This time I will do better. By staying away from them. Thank You Loader.

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