Nenu Naa Maya || Independent Film 2018

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39 odpowiedzi do “Nenu Naa Maya || Independent Film 2018”

  1. Story is nice but heroin's charactor is somewhat immature. Superb background score. It is like movie but not a short film. Heroin's dubbing is not matching. Overall, superb acting with a techincal flaws. Keep it up and entertain.

  2. wonderful story and climax even if y r a fraud niku climate kuda help chesindi y bcz ur a true and genuine lover…i just like dat..superb

  3. varevva em story boss .superb chala routine ga cheating chestavanukunna but real love matured love and na favourite seen nuv us velthanu ani cheppinappudu maya emotional ga daggariki vachi i love that bonding effection….routine ga heroine nannu vadilesav cheating ani crying cheyakunda encouraged alot

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