Shootfighter Fight to the Death (Full Movie)

Buy tickets now for ONE LAST THING. In theaters one night only June 13, 2018. Shingo is the world’s Shootfighter champion, a skilled and …


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  1. Wait so both bad guys from karate kid is in this movie.. teacher and student from kobra kai., p.s being one of the leads and only saying like 10 words was impressive mr good day coach… but you still look like a bad guy

  2. The most stupid thing with those films is that the fighters take blow after blow and still stands. In the reality they would be knocked out with broken bones etc. The young ones get an impression that they can kick someone in the face with no serious harm. That´s not so at all!

  3. i'm grateful for the entire movie being on youtube, but the fact that they cut out some parts that had blood, despite it being a rated R movie, it's just bullshit..

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