Texas Roadside Massacre | Full Horror Film 2015

Kings of Horror presents: Texas Roadside Massacre Five college friends take a detour while traveling to their spring break destination. They end up in the …


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  1. Look at the seringe scene,they didnt even cut to get an empty seringe..You can see in his hand the seringe is full,not that you couldnt see he didnt even inject any in the girl.

  2. Why they are always running around that place? There's even a lot of ways to way out! Wtf! Not a good movie even characters. Worst movie I ever seen. My right to complain but I literally watched it till the end.

  3. For a movie which students make, this is a good one.. But to be honest, if compared to international movies, this movie is so bad and far from good quality.. First, the story is easy to be predicted, we who love to watch movie will never like easy predicted movie.. Second, the way the actors act are so dumb.. Like the kitchen got a lots of weapons, why not take one just in case or in the end when the girl killed the manager with axe, why there is no blood spilled over her? Third, the 4 side characters died too fast in the movie like in half of this movie duration, and almost in same time.. Thats totally not enjoyable.. Lucky the characters mostly are good looking so I can watch the movie till the end.. Keep improve and good luck for next movie..

  4. Why should you complain when the movie is free and you are not compare to watch, why can't you just leave it alone instead of criticizing.

  5. I just think that girl deserved to be hurt 'cause she had the opportunity to run away but didn't. When she was in the car with the police man instead of her get out of the car she could have ordered him to get out of it, and took it and went away. Fool girl.

  6. Fucking bitch so stupid, doesnt want to run..After the gas station man saw her,thats the only time she run..Then after hitting the fat guy with ax ,why she did not keep on hitting him..So annoying!!

  7. it was an alright movie…. The part when that girl ran out to the dirt road saw the cop.. She had that chance to bite his dick off then throw him out the car. She should had just took the police car instead running back into the field and jungle. Too bad now she's one of them …. Lol

  8. rubbish movie….instead of her to push the officer out of the car and drove out …she prefer to get down and run…i just wasted my precious time watching this crap.

  9. I don't like this movie. It seems to me that the movie is out of context. The best of this sequence is "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The beginning" (2006). Besides, I missed the saw 😢. Too, I think the actors are very bad, they need a fast acting course.

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